Chamber Notepad


by Antoinette Heier, Executive Director




The Chamber is THANKFUL for you!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Have you heard of these words? “There is always, always, always something to be thankful for? How true! Through stressful and troubled times in our world, it may be difficult for us to find something to be thankful for. No matter the circumstances we may encounter in our daily lives, we should always give thanks for all we have; our faith, family, friends, the food we eat, the homes we relax in, the schools where our children or grandchildren receive an education, and our places of employment.


On a personal note, I am thankful for my board of directors for entrusting me as their new Executive for the Hazen Chamber and CVB. It truly is an honor to work with these individuals who graciously volunteer their time to fulfill their role as a board member; and to this community.


I am thankful for my husband Brad and our children Makena and Kaden as they continue to love, support and cheer me on; yet sadly, putting up with my emotions!


I am thankful for my extended family members for being so supportive in my new adventure.


I am thankful for my friends here in Hazen and afar for their continued words of encouragement! They know that my motto is “take the bull by the horns” in anything I do.


Lastly, I’m thankful for you and your decision to be part of our business community and the Hazen Chamber of Commerce. Together we represent and advance business, professional, civic, humanitarian educational, and cultural interest, contributing to a more fulfilling and rewarding way of life for area residents, future resident's, and guests.


You are what keeps this community alive   What a privilege it is to work with professional and businesspeople such as yourselves. Sometimes you give more than what you receive! May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!